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What is HR Summer School?

Over the last few months, many HR leaders have found some of their favorite events to be canceled, which means that high-quality educational opportunities are few and far between. Worse, many have had negative career impacts from furloughs, layoffs, and more.

HR Summer School isn't just about sharing a bunch of educational content. That's important, but networking and connection is even better, helping to create touchpoints between HR leaders across the globe. Additionally, adding in a dose of hope and inspiration, especially during tough times, is a critical part of our mission.

Educate. Connect. Inspire. It's more than a tagline. It's our best path forward as an HR profession.

This event will be livestreamed to Linkedin Live the week of June 1st. Unlike a webinar, where it's one-dimensional and you can't interact with other attendees, this livestream format means you get to talk with other attendees, interact with speakers in the live chat, and share your own thoughts throughout the event.

The content has been preapproved for 20 SHRM and HRCI recertification credits, and our 50+ speakers will be sharing on everything from talent acquisition to learning and development, performance management to leadership, inclusive practices to culture, and so much more.

The event team is led by Ben Eubanks, a 10+ year veteran of the HR industry, researcher, author, and event organizer. His mission in life? To make HR better, one HR pro at a time.

We hope you will join us for this momentous occasion!


Be a part of this powerful event to bring hope to the HR community


Q: Will I get HRCI/SHRM credits? How?

A: Yes! You will be required to self-certify at the end of the event that you have watched the content in order to receive the code for the event.

Q: How do I get into the event sessions?

A: We are livestreaming with LinkedIn Live. If you want to participate in the livestream, simply go to our host Ben Eubanks' recent activity on Linkedin. You should see the latest livestream at the top of the feed and just click to join.

If you are not able to join LinkedIn during the day due to work or other commitments, you can watch the recorded sessions after we finish recording every day. You will see other comments and interactions from the attendees and can interact with them--they will get notified by LinkedIn! Even if you watch later, you can still be part of the conversation.

Alternatively, all content is being archived on YouTube as well.

Q: Will slides be available?

A: Yes! We are putting together a speaker resource page for you and will have it out this week with slides, handouts, and other goodies.